Steps to Clean Granite Headstones
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Cleaning Granite
All actions taken based on advise of this web site are done so at the sole risk of the person conducting the cleaning.  No responsibility is assumed for any damage to a monument as a result of the advise given on this web site.
Tools Needed for Cleaning 1. Water – Several gallons of water will be needed for each monument.  Water is important to be sure that you rinse all the dirt off and clean off any cleaning chemicals. 2. Bucket – You will need a bucket for the water and the cleaning chemicals. 3. Brushes – You will need some sort of brushes to help remove the dirt, grime, moss and fugue from the monument.  You should use a soft bristle brush preferable a natural bristle (white bristle with a wood handle). 4. Scrapers – You may need some type of scraper to remove growth from the monument.  These need to be plastic and soft. 5. Cleaning Chemicals  D/2 Biological Cleaning agent is the only cleaning chemicals we recommend.  Substantially all other chemicals will
When to clean your monument – The best time to clean a monument is on a cloudy day.  The clouds will keep the temperature of the monument lower and will slow the drying of the S/S Biological Solution allowing it time to work. 1. Follow the steps for accessing the soundness of the monument.  If the monument is not sound, go to the steps for cleaning an “at risk” monument. 2. Take a small amount of S/S Biological Solution on a rag or paper towel and apply it to one of the bottom corners of the monument.  Allow the S/S Biological Solution to dry.  Be sure that the S/S Biological Solution has not damaged the monument in any way by discolouration or staining.  If it does, return the S/S Biological Solution for a full refund. 3. Dilute the S/S Biological Solution three parts water to one part S/S Biological Solution. 4. Thoroughly wet the monument with the S/S Biological Solution mixture.  Allow the S/S Biological Solution mixture to soak into the stone and the biological growth by waiting 2 to 5 minutes.  Do not let the S/S Biological Solution mixture dry.  If it begins to dry, apply more of the S/S Biological Solution mixture. 5. Using the brush and putty knife, remove the biological growth off the surface of the monument.  You will have to apply more of the S/S Biological Solution mixture to completely remove the growth.  You may have to repeat this step several times to completely remove the deposits.  Be patient and allow the S/S Biological Solution mixture to do its work. 6. Once all the deposits have been cleaned, rinse the monument with clean water. 7. Allow the monument to dry somewhat (it does not have to be completely dry, but most of the wetness should be gone).  Apply a final application of S/S Biological Solution mixture.  The S/S Biological Solution mixture will continue to kill the biological grow over the next few days.  Under normal conditions, this final application of S/S Biological Solution will maintain you monument for up to one year. 8. In some cases, subsequent applications of S/S Biological Solution will help prevent future growth of biological growths.  This depends on the location of your monument.  Monuments under trees especially evergreens are especially susceptible to biological growth.